NYE 2024 Glow Party feat. DJ Nikki Kush and DJ Chakrapher

NYE 2024 Glow Party feat. DJ Nikki Kush and DJ Chakrapher

Tapworks is GLOWING UP for NYE this year! DJ Nikki Kush will be in the dancehall (aka taproom) dropping ultra-violet blends of Jamaican dancehall and her Latin roots. DJ Chakprapher will be spinning on the patio to keep the party going on all levels!!

Dress your glowiest and come on down for:

  • $5 glow shots, $5 16oz lagers, $7 tequila shots
  • Polaroid photo booth
  • A decked out glow party including glow sticks, glow paint, bubble machine, fog machine, glow limbo and blacklights
  • Dancing and partying on all levels!

 $15 advance - $18 at the door

DJ Nikki Kush

Nicol, also known as Nikki Kush DJ, is originally from Chile and currently resides in Vancouver, Canada. Passionate about music and dancing from a young age, Nicol developed a deep connection with Caribbean music, becoming more involved with Jamaican culture. She was part of a collective called "Constance Bubble," a sound system comprised of 3 female DJs (from Jamaica, New York, and Chile) inspired by the reggae and dancehall scene in Jamaica during the 90s.

Within this collective, Nicol discovered a special connection and developed a unique style by blending Caribbean rhythms with her Latin roots. This experience has been pivotal for her, as her goal in music is to spread energy that gets everyone dancing, even those unfamiliar with Caribbean culture.

Coming from a Spanish-speaking country, Nicol noticed how people in her homeland enjoyed melodies without necessarily understanding the lyrics. This led her to broaden her musical approach. She seeks a mindful selection of music, maintaining the authenticity of Jamaican culture while making it accessible to those who feel the rhythm but don't understand the language.

Her primary focus is to provide an inclusive musical experience, combining rhythms that resonate with all kinds of audiences while preserving Jamaica's original essence. Whether injecting energy, introducing new sounds, or ensuring an overall incredible experience, that's what you can expect from her DJ sessions.


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