RazorVoice: Modern Terror

RazorVoice: Modern Terror

Tapworks' first punk show is happening in the lower taproom. Grab your tickets before they're gone!

It's so amazing to have live music back, though this one will feel a little different as we are required to follow public health orders. That means that: 
  • we have to remain at our seats. Kind of like with stadium seating, you can stand in front of your seat and headbang/show some love for the band... just not mingle about, make a dancefloor/mosh/etc
  • all attendees must present government id and proof of vaccination (hard copy vaccine card or digital vaccine card both work). We cannot allow entry without this so please ensure you and anyone you may have purchased tickets for, has theirs handy
  • please arrive with everyone you'd like to be seated with. We'll be using every seat in the taproom to fit everyone in and this will allow us minimize single seating

Please notify anyone you may be purchasing a ticket for of the points above. If they or you are not willing/able to meet the m, do not buy a ticket as we will not be making exceptions, tolerating abuse or issuing refunds.

Only 4 left in stock