Live performances by Modern Terror and special guests Blacksmith & Brewer. June 18th at 8pm!

Modern Terror - 80's skater kids influenced by early punk, thrash, hardcore and anything that could get a circle pit going. Throw in a healthy dose of the melodic fast core riffs and harmonies of 90’s renaissance punk bands and you have music to snap a king pin to.
Modern Terror steals a bit from all those influences and crafts songs with straight ahead punk rock sensibilities chalk full of driving beats, Loud guitars in your face bass coupled with clever, humorous and politically on point lyrics.

Come out and get your hands on the first wave of Modern Terrors brand new 7" EP "Going Viral"

Blacksmith and Brewer - Guitarist/singer/brewer Chris Booth and drummer/blacksmith Kelly Backs come by the name Blacksmith & Brewer honestly, (their actual day jobs!) and have forged a musical bond that reaches back to the early days of punk and into the future of rock.


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